UC Santa Cruz



  • Age of extinction

    Paleogeneticist Beth Shapiro studies ancient DNA for future conservation

    By Heather Rock Woods

  • Engineering independence

    Researchers design tools for blind and visually impaired people

    By Helen Shen

  • A Cold Trail

    Researchers drill into Antarctic ice to understand the effects of climate change

    By Anil Ananthaswamy

  • Just science

    The Science and Justice Research Center opens conversations between science and society

    By Elizabeth Devitt

  • Reforming prisons

    Psychology professor Craig Haney takes on solitary confinement

    By Becky Bach

  • Border Crossings

    Artist John Jota Leaños creates animated documentaries to reveal hidden stories

    By Heather Rock Woods

  • The fine art of gaming

    Scholars infuse computer games with art, literature, and purpose

    By Jennie Dusheck

  • Outsider insights

    Three scholars bring perspective to the history of China

    By Melissae Fellet

  • The edges of humanities

    Nathaniel Deutsch creates connections with the overlooked corners of history

    By Danielle Venton