UC Santa Cruz



  • Down on the farm

    Growing sustainable food systems...and students

    By Kimberly Hickock

  • Documenting reality

    Female filmmakers aspire to move the field—and the world

    By Annie Roth

  • Creature features

    A fish—a long, skinny one—out of water

    By Elizabeth Devitt

  • On the spectrum

    Seeing people with autism as different, not deficient

    By Anil Ananthaswamy

  • Beyond the end

    Imagining better futures in the wake of dystopia

    By K. M. Watson

  • Disputed memories

    Why do they hide the bad things?

    By Dana Mackenzie

  • Seeing the forest

    The latest research buzz: drones

    By Genevieve Bookwalter

  • In the heart

    Preserving and sharing Watsonville's rich Filipino heritage

    By Erin Loury

  • If genes could talk

    Genomic sleuthing paints pictures of both past and present

    By Sarah C. P. Williams