UC Santa Cruz



  • Adaptable academics

    Amid pandemic upheaval, flexibility finds opportunity

    By Mary-Russell Roberson

  • Digital detectives

    Advancing human rights through internet investigations

    By Jack Lee

  • Coral as capital

    Showing how coastal conservation pays off

    By Ben Shouse

  • Prison break

    Challenging what is, imagining what could be

    By K. M. Watson

  • Birds do it

    Putting your eggs in more than one basket

    By Priyanka Runwal

  • A short story

    By strong example and action, advocating for diversity in science

    By Jennifer Welsh

  • Human remains

    People's choices shape the ruins they leave behind

    By Jyoti Madhusoodanan

  • Disparate impacts

    As the pandemic surged, so did inequality

    By Helen Santoro

  • Missing flights

    When will electric aviation take off?

    By Lisa Strong

  • Tomorrow's forecast

    Tiny fossils yield big clues on climate change

    By Alla Katsnelson